It's all about timing

October 29, 2019

If you've ever bought tea, you may have noticed that 1: 'tea' doesn't refer to just one type of beverage and 2: each tea seems to have different brewing instructions. 


If you've noticed that, you would be correct! There are a rage of variables to consider when steeping your tea to the perfect cup. This is because each tea, depending on both the plant it comes from and how it is processed, contains different chemical compounds, which when introduced to water and heat, leech out of the leaf and into the water. And each of these compounds (be it caffeine, antioxidants or tannins) releases at a different rate, hence why each tea has different preparation guidelines.


So while each brew is different, we've made it a little easier to get started. Check out the guide below for recommendations on steeping times and temperatures for different categories of tea:

While measuring the temperature of your water is important for getting the most out of your tea, we do realise not everyone will have a thermometer (or high-tech kettle) to measure with. If that's the case, you can use the 'boil and wait' method: simply boil your kettle and wait for the suggested time to reach the temperature you are after.




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