Why does Certified Organic matter?

Organic products have grown in popularity since the term was coined in 1939. Many products, including many teas, are labeled as "organic", but did you know that only those that are certified can actually guarantee it? This is why we work hard to ensure that we have the Pro-cert Organic certification.

Benefits of Organic Products

Organic products are beneficial for both the environment and the consumer. Non-organic farming can result in soil erosion and depletion, declining crops, and the leeching of pesticides and other chemicals into the environment. Organic farming practices on the other hand are based on preserving and improving the quality of soil, helping to improve the environmental impact of the producers.

As for health, the use of pesticides have been found to increase the rate of birth defects, and may contribute to health issues such as cancer and nerve damage. Organic produce reduces these risks, and the lack of pesticides fosters a boost in phytochemicals (vitamins and antioxidants) making organic foods more nutritious than their non-organic equivalents.

Pro-Cert Organic

The Pro-Cert Organic certification ensures that we and our customers can brew easy knowing that our ingredients are produced in ways that minimize disruption of the natural environment, encourage the health and vitality of the soil, promote humane animal management and preserve ecological integrity.

It means that our ingredients and products do not use synthetic pesticides, fertilizers or hormones, genetic engineering, sewage sludge, or irradiation during crop production, nor do they contain artificial food colours, flavours or sweeteners. So you can enjoy our tea with peace of mind!

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