Mixing, testing, remixing

Here at BlackTusk, we are always coming up with new blends. Whether it's custom flavours for our precious wholesale customers, or new blends that we dream up because we think you'll like them, we are constantly developing, testing and revising our recipes. So how does it all work?

Stage 1: Planning

The first step in creating a new blend is to have an idea. Sometimes the idea comes from customer feedback, or from an experiment with an existing blend. Many of our wholesale customers also come to us with a brief for what they are looking for in a blend. We use this idea as a starting point to draft out what will go into the recipe, and then we source the best organic ingredients to use.

Stage 2: Development

Once we have sourced our ingredients, we head down to the development space where we create a preliminary blend. We use our expertise to determine the ratio of ingredients, document the recipe and blend. We weigh out all of the ingredients using precise scales, and mix the blend by hand.

Stage 3: Testing and Revisions

After the preliminary blend has been created and any maturing time has passed, we test the blend. If the blend is for a specific customer, they also test it and provide any feedback. Based on this testing, we make any amendments necessary to the recipe, and we go back to the blending space. We repeat the blending and testing process until the perfect flavour and aroma has been achieved.

Once we have finalised the recipe, it gets added to our master recipe book. This is the book that houses all of the recipes for all of our blends, and it is always ready for the next new flavour!

That's it! Our blend development process from start to finish.

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